Flare goes full surgical on Smoke & Mirrors

The music review site Flare (Music) did an extensive piece on Smoke & Mirrors and we were thrilled to get a dose of caring reality check with their masterful deconstruction of our album. They cut into it, song by song, with a surgical precision that is exemplified with examples like, "The vocal inflections in the verse can be slightly overkill at times but to see the texture and instrumentation develop into something thicker is a lot more engaging, with Hyde Out showing us what they’re really made out of.", and, "Travelling into the chorus, the music feels trippier, with electronic effects morphing the vocals into something more exciting which certainly lives up to being the album’s title track.". 

Libby Driscoll, we absolutely love your writing, massive kudos!

Link to the article: https://www.flaremusic.uk/music-reviews/hyde-out-smoke-and-mirrors