Lucifer is released!

Ever wondered what happens if you mix rock-a-billy with Balkan  sounds? Wonder no more and immerse yourself into our new single, Lucifer!

Our new Single "Free" out now!

We went a bit wild with this one. What started out a small accoustic gem, turned into an hommage to symfo rock - with some of our little quirks to make it more fun to listen :)


Smoke & Mirrors

'Smoke & Mirrors'


Smoke and Mirrors is an eclectic collection of 12 original songs that showcase Hyde Out’s varied influences and creative directions. Individual songs concepts are inspired by selected moments of everyday lives, small realisations and decisions about our relationships with the people and situations that surround us.


Our EP out in July!


Welcome to our new summer 2020 single album, Chiaraluna, featuring two songs, written in Omar's native Italian. These are our odes to summer, one for the crazy days and the other for passionate nights.

Stay tuned for more - we're planning a new release before this summer madness is over ;)

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Technicolour Ghost is the demo album by Hyde Out, a duo from London, UK. The album was self-produced and recorded over a period of 4 years. Mostly in a garden shed at night. As the garden tools and spiders made an exit and instruments and equipment slowly moved in when the sunset, the shed slowly evolved into a bonafide night-time recording studio.


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Technicolor Ghost

Latest News

Artists Reach reaches into the unexplored parts of Smoke & Mirrors 

While most of the reviews to date were focused on the more promoted first half of the album, Artist Reach, who specialize in artist development, went deeper into the netherland and, according to them, unearthed some less recognized gems, like "Welcome" and "This looks like", for which they say: "... is not only an instrumentally story-telling piece, but feels a lot shorter that it actually is; giving it that re-listenability that full length records rarely have."

Link to the article:

StepKid wonders about Meadvale Road 

Anastim Ducray from StepKid, online literary magazine about society and culture, wrote a delicate review of Smoke & Mirrors, and we can feel their bedazzelment as they write: "They’re both abstract and specific, containing all sorts of curious details and references to places and people I’m not familiar with, such as in the peppy and melodically beautiful track, Meadvale Road."

Link to the article:

Yikes, massive images cover almost half of our review on LHMPR RADIO! 

We're sure it was done with good intentions. But sometimes, even the best of intentions can be fiddled with unfortunate use of CSS. LHMPR Radio website posted a short piece on Smoke & Mirros, but for whatever reason.. or maybe artistic direction.. the review is almost completely covered with another featured image. Let us know if you need help LHMPR! But thank you nevertheless! 

Link to the article:

Alive - beautifully composed guitar section and haunted lyrics 

Upstream Indie, an online music blog highlighting the latest from up-and-coming independent artists and creator, wrote about Smoke & Mirrors and took a particular liking to its opening song "Alive", which they believe will contribute to even further traction in the online music scene! May your words turn to gold, Indie. Or is it Upstream? 

Link to the article:

Flare goes full surgical on Smoke & Mirrors 

The music review site Flare (Music) did an extensive piece on Smoke & Mirrors and we were thrilled to get a dose of caring reality check with their masterful deconstruction of our album. They cut into it, song by song, with a surgical precision that is exemplified with examples like, "The vocal inflections in the verse can be slightly overkill at times but to see the texture and instrumentation develop into something thicker is a lot more engaging, with Hyde Out showing us what they’re really made out of.", and, "Travelling into the chorus, the music feels trippier, with electronic effects morphing the vocals into something more exciting which certainly lives up to being the album’s title track.". 

Libby Driscoll, we absolutely love your writing, massive kudos!

Link to the article:

Is "Ode to J" really a song about heartbreak? RatingGameMusic seems to think so!  

And finally! We got our very first review of one of our favourite pieces, "Ode to J", published by Ratings Game Music, and we absolutely love the endearing way in which they attempted to decypher the lyrics to this cheeky song. A hint for you, Ratings Game Music, it's not about a heartbreak, but you're spot on about someone definitely not being healthy for us :). 

Link to the article:

Sleeping Bag Studios are hygh on Hyde Out!  

We don't know what Sleeping Bag Studio have been smoking, but we definitely want some! Their review of Smoke & Mirrors is an art piece as a whole, but when they talk about the skeleton-starred video of the eponymous song, they really shift the gear into high-octane writing: "Not only do I love the main character of our skeletal protagonist trying his level best to just live out his dreams like the rest of us are in this illusory world we’re livin’ in, but the way the video is shot, edited, and assembled…I mean…this is award-worthy stuff y’all, full-stop."

Amen, brother. 

Link to the article:

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