Welcome to Hyde Out!

Hyde Out are a duo from London, consisting of Omar Merlo and Jaka Levstek who have been musically collaborating since 2014.

Both came from broad creative musical backgrounds. Omar has been the musical lead of several bands throughout Europe and Australia, whereas Jaka honed his musical craft through collaboration with recognised popular and classical musicians throughout Europe.

As self-described “non-musicians” they are looking for untested and novel ways to reboot the sounds that defined their raw musical origins and redefine them in a contemporary way.

In 2018 they recorded their first, self-produced, demo album titled “Technicolour Ghost”, an exploration of their musical histories. Technicolor Ghost brought forth a single, “Nights”, which garnered some positive reviews and radio plays around the world. They ventured forward in the summer of 2020, with a new musical angle. Breaking through the bleakness of the covid-19 epidemic, they collaborated with Italian musicians to produce an EP titled “Chiaraluna”, which achieved some success in Italy and other parts of the world.

That album also marked their first collaboration with Supreme Tracks in New York, who produced it, and that collaboration then lead to the production of their new studio album “Smoke and Mirrors”, to be released on 3rd November 2020.